It was -7 degrees on a Sunday afternoon in February. 2021.  We were living in the midst of a worldwide health threat, and the members of Leafy Greens Network, LLC started to research how to reverse, reduce the risk of and prevent disease within the human body.  


After trying many different programs, the one common thread they experienced in all of them was a recommendation to eat more leafy green vegetables.  Leafy Green vegetables are one of the most the most natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, resources available to help heal, build and restore the human body. 
The members have since developed webinars, events and coaching programs that provide resources for preventing chronic illness and disease. 

The primary founder is a certified Health & Well-Being coach as well as a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach. The founders or members are not scientists or doctors. The webinars, coaching and events have been designed to cater to helping the individual with creating a plan and being accountable to it.  The programs and webinars are for informational & educational purposes only.  Please always consult a medical doctor for diagnosis or treatment. Our coaches help with accountability for treatment plans.